Who is Jason Simmons

Who is Jason Simmons? Born in 1981 and originally from a very small town in MS called Clarksdale (the home of the blues); now living in Dallas, TX as the Director of Recruiting for QuestPro Consultants.
as a youngen
I have 5 siblings, of which, I am the eldest.  In order, their names are (Jordan, Josh, Jacob, Jade and John). My childhood was spent on a farm working very hard and praying for it to rain so I did not have to go to work. I can remember, picking corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon and many other fruits and veggies and having to sell them out of the truck in the parking lot of the Walmart and to the local Piggley Wiggley (pretty embarrassing). Although I hated it then, I love that part of myself and I know I gained my “golden rule” mentality and my general respect for humanity from hard work on the farm and life in the Mississippi delta.
trying to be an adult
After graduating from The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss, I moved to Dallas and got very lucky in finding a career that fit my strenghts. As the Director of Recruiting, I currently manage a group of 6 recruiters in Dallas. With QuestPro I was honored with “Employee of the Year” back to back in 2008 and 2009. And have been ranked in the top 20 recruiters in Dallas by the MAPC consecutively since 2007; in 2009 I ranked 2nd. I can honestly say that I’m a workaholic and I find a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in my job. I view life as a competition and to be good at any competition ones needs to practice and prepare so read a ton of sales books, attend seminars and do all I can to be the best.
when I’m not working
I am in love with a blossoming actress/singer who is very talented; I hope I can keep up. I have a puppy boxer named Royce who is more than a handful. I love art, music and anything creative. I am an artist and creative writer although I have not made any profit to date. I’m also addicted to the History and the Science Channel and believe that the goal of humanity should be to advance our civilization to other worlds to ensure survival. I believe in positive thought and realize that I am in control of how things affect my mood/day/life. I struggle with having enough hours in the day, because I want to be important. Mainly, I want to be an important positive influence in my brothers’ and sisters’ lives. They are my daily motivation; although being the best and recognition are a close second.
life philosophy
I try to take a step out of my shoes and view myself through other’s eyes several times a day. I also visualize who I want to be when I am 45 years old or so; I then think how would that person handle this situation; or how would that person act today; or what would he say? It’s interesting but this has been one of the most important realizations in my life.  Through this, I realized by controlling who I become; I can control who I am today.
Jason Simmons
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Director of Recruiting - QuestPro Consultants Creative Writer History and Science Channel Addict
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2 Responses to Who is Jason Simmons

  1. Layton says:

    Wow Jason!
    I didnt know you quite as much as I thought. Good stuff.

  2. Great stuff, looking forward to more.

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