Back in Dallas

Thank you to all 119 people who read my last post. I am very open to suggestions, comments, thoughts on the writing, or questions on what my thoughts might be on a subject.

I’m not sure exactly where I want this blog to go or what the end game might be; so I will write a mixture of daily living, family, work, philosophy, motivation, being positive, my personal insights into life and what part of myself I’m working on. My goal is to put my life and thoughts down so that I might affect a life in a positive way. A book deal, in a couple years wouldn’t be so bad either.

Moved back to Dallas in April and things have gone really well. It’s an exciting time in both work and personal life.

At home

 Stacey landed a lead role in “Steel Magnolias” as Shelby. Opening show is on Saturday although I won’t be there; I can’t wait to see her on Tuesday.  I never knew I read at the 3rd grade level until she asked me to help her learn the lines; we quickly found out that reading for 4 characters did not work so well for me. She hasn’t asked me to help again.  I flew my grandmother, cousin and her husband out to visit us in Dallas for a weekend. We really had a great time; good food, sightseeing, an office tour and catchphrase. It was my grandmother’s second time to fly and first time in TX since 1976 (before I was even a thought). She is an incredible person and the most influential individual in my life. It was good to see her smile.

At Work

I’m very excited about our group and the 3rd quarter is getting off to a great start. We have a ton of talent and drive and I’m thrilled about what the future could hold. At our Quarter meeting, several on our team won awards and for the second quarter this year I was voted “Employee of the Quarter”. In addition to having 4 out of the Top 10 clients, I also broke two company records: Monthly Production and Quarter Production. QuestPro and Q-Temps are doing great and both are having banner years. It’s an exciting time.

Interesting Thought

Last week I spent some time trying to figure out just how I stay motivated. I came up with; I have a general idea of what I want out of life and who I want to become; while I’m on my path I have certainly not arrived yet. I also keep on the forefront of my mind, my short term goals that are purposely, very difficult but achievable. I think about the goals, ways to accomplish them and what it’ll feel like when I do; almost obsessively. I have the mentality to keep pushing my life forward but I’m terribly afraid of failure. While pushing moves life in some direction, being afraid to fail gives me a starting point on life’s time line. Every single day I try to move further down that line and away from the starting point. A general direction, a few short term goals and the desire/willpower to keep pushing is my recipe for motivation.

Jason Simmons


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Director of Recruiting - QuestPro Consultants Creative Writer History and Science Channel Addict
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One Response to Back in Dallas

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Jason- congrats on your blog! Looks like you’re doing well- hope to catch up with you at some conferences!

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