Be The Best

Thank you to all the 311 people who read my last post.

The Biggest Decision in professional life is the moment you decide to “Be the Best” at whatever it is that you do. Once you make the decision (really make the decision) and to put in all the work that goes with the decision; the sky is the limit.

You can choose to be “the best” at anything; career, professional, personal, relationship etc. No matter what you do, if you make the decision to be the best and push yourself towards that goal; everything else should fall in line. 

If you have made the decision the path should be clear but below I have put my 6 Never Rules. The rules have kept me in line and moving in the right direction before I decided to “Be The Best”.

  1. Never be lazy and never graduate from grunt work. Be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in with your employees to finish the big task or complete the necessary project.
  2. Never rest on your laurels. Don’t live off of your previous successes. Show your commitment by doing work each and every day.
  3. Never stop learning. This means having an attitude that drives the individual to find out the why and how of things, rather than just the what.
  4. Never let anyone outwork you. The only place you’ll find “success” before “work” is in the dictionary. It is such a treat these days to come across someone who really knows how to work.
  5. Never be above learning—and always improving.
  6. Never fail to make progress and be better at the end of the day than when it started.

Jason Simmons

QuestPro Consultants

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