Too often companies decide to “save” $$$$ by cutting back or eliminating fees to agency recruiters. And, why shouldn’t they?

With the advancement of technology and Social Media sites like FaceBook, Linkedin, Monster, Careerbuilder, Myspace, Ping.fm, Flickr, Yahoo Profile, Google Buzz, Delicious, Yammer, Ning, and Twitter; coupled with the progression of Boolean search string technology, targeted email campaigns and online talent communities (Pheww!), the resources for finding talent seem “virtually” unlimited. A Hiring Manager or Talent Acquisition professional might think, “Why pay a fee”? I can post an ad and the resumes flow endlessly, right?

Unfortunately, recruiters today have a negative connotation and are viewed as a necessary evil and a means to an end. I’m a recruiter and I can say, We Have Earned It. It’s true; most recruiters bring little or no real value to the table for either candidates or clients.

Hiring managers can do without the 30-60-90 day follow up calls that waste time and deliver no value or industry perception and waste time trying to sell candidates that are not a fit. Candidates can do without the unreturned phone calls and the lack of understanding, insight or career guidance. It takes years before a recruiter becomes a great recruiter and most simply do not make it.

So, with all this and so many tools at the hiring manager’s finger tips are 3rd party recruiting firms heading towards demise?

The Truth is – Recruiters are flourishing because there is Not a CEO in the World that wants Yammer to be a central source of the talent pipeline. Recruiters today have evolved beyond an order taker and holiday cookies or gift baskets.

Industries are based around “middle men”. Plain and simple; middle men, grease the wheel. There are tangible competitive advantages to using a good recruiter and a good firm: Strong ROI; lower costs; increased speed and selection; better talent; competitive insight; brand and candidate relationship management all on an “as needed” basis.

I’M HERE WHEN YOU NEED ME – Strictly 10-99 BABY!!
The real value of a recruiter is that we are strictly “as needed”. No FICA, FUI, SUTA or FUTA. No Obama Care, Just a 10-99! We create win/win and only get paid when successful. The cost of a full time internal recruiting department is far too expensive for most small companies.

Human capital is a very complex and inefficient marketplace. Most hiring managers are within reach of several qualified candidates through a variety of resources but unable to connect the dots. Recruiters save time by locating, screening, attracting and retaining talent. A good recruiter will only send targeted and qualified candidates and filter noise and time waste from the process.
Social media sites are simply tools to source names. They cannot cold call, actively recruit a match or close a deal; not to mention most recruiters have mastered social media since inception. Recruiters are hired for connections specialized in specific niches. We are the architects of expansive networks and extensive relationships. If you look closely at networking sites, they really just throw more candidates at hiring managers; requiring more time.

OUCH – That’s Gonna Leave a Mark
Does mismanagement of the hiring process affect the company brand? ABSOLUTELY!!
I can’t count how many times I have heard, “I submitted my resume to XYZ Company and never heard back”. A job change is a very important transition period in life yet most get an automated response if any at all. This mismanaged approach to hiring negatively affects a company’s brand. It may be years before the impact is felt but it’s there and growing; every time a new person applies and the process is not managed correctly; it’s damaging. You know the saying – One bad apple…

Recruiters are hired not only to find candidates but also to manage the process and the company’s reputation with care. The impact a recruiter can have on the launch of a new product, opening of a new office or the brand overall can be HUGE. We make thousands of calls per assignment and in every conversation we are creating a positive “buzz”. This buzz has an enormous effect on a company’s brand. It’s like a direct injection of positivity in the minds of candidates currently working in the ranks of the competition.

Wrapping it up – My Advice, Find a great recruiter and treat them like a partner. After all, the goal is the same – Winning the War for Talent. Although it may not be immediately evident, it will pay dividends for years to come!!

Jason Simmons
972-960-1305 x 126


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  1. John G says:

    Recruiters, like independent agents, attorneys, consultants, and other types of intermediaries, have both been known for good and evil for decades. Like any other source of talent they have to be chosen carefully, negotiated thoroughly, and managed regularly. Unfortunately, many hiring managers and HR generalists do not act with such due diligence. Has anyone written up a good description of what such due diligence should include?

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